Last one up the stairs is Corkyduke

I am a fan of many fandoms. I like too many to name but I am a major fan of Supernatural, The Avengers, Person Of Interest and Sherlock.
I silently ship many but do it under the covers of my bed and do not speak of it in public. This is due to the fact I don't need my family to think I'm weirder than they know I am.

Badass Finch ~~ Do you mind?

Really? I’ll hack whatever I damn well please

SE302, Nothing To Hide

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Callum Keith Rennie & Paul Gross

Sorry not sorry :’) what can I say.. this had to be done, resistance is futile ;)

This is 10000% what I am here for: objectifying hot Canadians on the internet is my favourite thing to do in ALL THE WORLD

jackymedan is like the anti-due South anon. god bless you, my dear, god bless you. 

also all hot naked canadian dudes all the time.